Email Clients for Android

Android phones come pre-installed with two email clients "Mail", which you can use for general email accounts, including Exchange servers with Active Sync, and "GMail" which you can use to access your gmail or google app email accounts (gmail for your domain). Apart from these there are some excellent free and paid options which you might want to consider, specifically K9Mail and TouchDown. K9 (a free app) should handle all your advanced email needs, but you might want to consider TouchDown ($20) in case you have problems accessing your corporate email.

"Mail" is an email client that is built-in into the Android OS. It can connect to POP, IMAP and Exchange servers that support ActiveSync. It won't connect to Exchange servers that allow OWA (Outlook Web Access) access only. This is a basic email client that could satisfy the basic emailing needs, but if you think something is missing from it (e.g. signatures, etc), then you should try K9 (see below), which is an open source project based on this stock application.

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