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SpamWasher 2.00.1000
June 18th, 2005

SpamWasher 2.00.1000, a spam stopper tool, is now available with the following enhancements:

  • Advanced update features
  • New Rules updates

SpamWasher’s main features are:

  • Stop malicious spam before it reaches your inbox
  • Easy-Import your existing email accounts
  • Friendly Allow Detection Technology
  • One-Click access to filters and settings
  • Explicit and annoying email washer
  • Automatic rules and updates


Eudora 6.2.3
June 18th, 2005

Eudora 6.2.3 is now available with the following new features:

ScamWatch: This new feature combats “phishing” schemes that use disguised URL’s to gather personal information. Eudora now detects if the URL in the link differs suspiciously from the host name and warns you to exercise caution before making the connection.

OpenSSL: The state-of-the art standard in email security and encryption.

Improved IMAP: Improved functionality to synchronize and access email from multiple computers and locations.

Emoticons: 24 new originally designed emoticons (not in Light mode).


Masterra Email Reserve
June 17th, 2005

Version 1.2 of Masterra Email Reserve is available. Email Reserve is a backup tool for Outlook Express.

eMill v3.3.30
June 15th, 2005

A new release of this pricey email tool is available. eMill is the emailing studio with a difference that includes all the tools that your organization needs to effectively produce, deliver and automate highly customized email communication.

June 12th, 2005

FreePOPs 0.0.29 is now available.

Fixed bug for quoted printable encoding in the mimer module and pipe_uri_* in the browser module. Some fixes (including some debconf internationalizations) to the debian package. Fixed aol, mail, hotmail, yahoo, supereva, mailcom plugins. Also, some new features that will be useful for mail2world.lua. juno.lua is now official.


Becky! 2.21.03
June 12th, 2005

Becky! 2.21.03 is now available with a few small improvements and bugfixes:

  • From and other fields in “mailto” will be ignored according to RFC2368.
  • “Hide Passcode Permanently” option in “Registration Information” of
    “About” box will be ported along with other registration information
    when the data folder is moved to other computers.
  • BUGFIX: When one mailbox contains both IMAP and POP3 profiles and
    Filtering is done on IMAP profile, some POP3 folders under POP3 Inbox,
    which should not be visible, appeared abnormally.


Check Mail (POP) v1.0
June 12th, 2005

Check Mail (POP) is a new, very lightweight and easy to use utility for checking new mail in a POP account. It is highly customisable allowing you to be notified in a number of ways. Some of its main features include:

  • Compatible with any account that can be accessed via POP
  • Don’t like my icons? Use your own!
  • Play a custom new mail sound of your choice, either wav or mp3 format
  • Optional pop-up alert window with a time delay of your choice
  • SSL compatible so can be used to check on your new GMail account
  • Small program that uses relatively few resources (compared to a full mail client)
  • The option to launch a webpage and/or an installed full mail client
  • Discreet (Tray icon) existence
  • Free

GetMail Mail Key
June 4th, 2005

GetMail Mail Key is a new portable version of the popular GetMail mail forwarding program. Mail Key does not use the host systems registry to store settings allowing it to be stored and used from a USB flash drive, giving you a totally portable way of forwarding on your mail!

Some of its main features include:

  • Contains the same functionality as the current version of GetMail
  • At last a great use for the backup function, carry your mail around with you, viewable using any computer with Outlook Express (OE) installed on it
  • Zero foot-print left on the client PC
  • Ideal for users with multiple PC’s such as business users

Thunderbird 1.1 Alpha 1
June 3rd, 2005

Thunderbird 1.1 Alpha 1 is now available. New in this release:

  • Phishing Detector –> Examines the contents of an e-mail message and warns you with a status bar along the top of the message if Thunderbird thinks this message is a phishing attack.
  • Spell As You Type for Mail Compose. (Enabled by Default)
  • Support for deleting and stripping attachments from e-mail.
  • Improved RSS Support –> Including podcasting, a new feed subscription UI, OPML import (export will be added in Alpha 2)
  • Re-designed Options Dialog
  • Improved UI under Account Settings for managing multiple SMTP accounts. If you have an account with multiple identities, you can even configure an SMTP server for each identity.
  • An Improved Spell Check Engine
  • Auto Save As Draft for mail composition.
  • Advanced hackers now have direct access to about:config for pref hacking (Tools / Options / Advanced / Config Editor)
  • Mailing lists in the address book now use LDAP during autocomplete if you are using LDAP.
  • Offline Improvements
  • Ability to have global inbox filters
  • Ability to copy local folders to imap servers
  • TLS Support for POP3
  • Support for Network timeouts for IMAP, POP3 and SMTP
  • Search and Filter Improvements (including the ability to create views or search/filter on flagged messages).
  • Many bug fixes and other improvements.


ePrompter SR73
June 1st, 2005

ePrompter SR73 has been released. This version includes an additional fix for a recent GMail problem.

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