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ClickYes Pro
March 26th, 2006

ClickYes Pro allows to configure which applications can automatically send emails using Microsoft Outlook or access email addresses stored in your Outlook address book. The program runs in the system tray and enables approved applications to access Outlook without any delay or security prompts. ClickYes Pro works with Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002 or 2003.

Outlook Express Attachment Extractor
March 26th, 2006

Outlook Express Attachment Extractor is the first picture and attachment extractor for Outlook Express (OE).

Designed for busy Outlook Express users who need a more efficient way to mange high-volume attachments, especially pictures, Outlook Express Attachment Extractor provides the latest in advanced, time-saving technology.

February 19th, 2006

POPcon connects your MS Exchange Server and your POP3 mailboxes. POPcon periodically downloads your emails from POP3 and IMAP mailboxes and distributes them to exchange mailboxes according to the recipient information found in the mail headers. It supports multiple domains and multiple POP3 as well as POP3-SSL, IMAP and IMAP-SSL mailboxes of both single-drop and multi-drop type.

SpamScreener Free Edition
February 19th, 2006

SpamScreener is a challenge/response anti-spam system that shields your Inbox from spam and other unsolicited email by requesting a confirmation reply from every unapproved sender. The sender only has to confirm an email once, and can be automatically added to a list of approved senders.

SpamScreener can also use your existing Outlook address book and approve all email that comes from one of your contacts, so that existing contacts do not even have to go through the approval process at all. The program checks the mail in your POP account every X minutes. You can review a list of pending approvals, preview the messages, and also manually approve any sender. If the unknown sender did not respond to the challenge email, the message can be automatically deleted. The program is easy to use requires very little configuration.

SpamScreener Free Edition is limited to protecting a single email account, and does not allow you to customize the challenge message.

If you are looking for a challenge/response email service, checkout Bluebottle

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Iconix eMail ID – verify email senders
February 19th, 2006

Iconix eMail ID is a client application that verifies the sender of an incoming email, and guarantees that the mail is actually coming from the company that it claims. The service only works with companies that have registered with Iconix, which currently includes more than 300 companies such as eBay, PayPal, Citibank,, Expedia, and many others.

Whenever an email arrives from one of the known senders, it is authenticated, and an icon displayed next to the message that indicates the validity of the mail. It only works with the major web based email services (Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail) and in addition requires that you use Internet Explorer to read your mail. Once Iconix is installed on your computer, it will automatically verify email messages whenever you use any of the supported services, there is no interface or additional configuration required.

If you use free web mail and Internet Explorer, and are concerned about phishing scams involving major companies, give this software a try. Even though it is still limited in usability, the validation integrates flawlessly with the supported services.

Gmail for Domains Beta
February 11th, 2006

The Official Google Blog reports that Gmail for your domain is currently available as a limited beta.

We’re testing a new service with the school by hostingGmail accounts with SJCC domain addresses (like, plus admin tools for efficient account management. Massive storage and features that tame the most unruly inboxes, like powerful mail search, conversation view for messages, and a fast interface, make Gmail very handy for students.

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February 7th, 2006

Poppy is a small email notification utility that can check multiple POP3 accounts for new mail. It displays an icon in the taskbar notification area and notifies you whenever new mail is waiting. Poppy can also optionally display a small popup window or play a WAV file. The program lets you preview the headers, preview selected messages or delete them. Additional features include Scroll Lock notification, execution of custom program and an option to only notify you when you receive email from someone on your Friends list. Poppy was designed to be small and fast.

February 7th, 2006

EmailSupervisor monitors all outgoing emails from your computer and alerts you whenever an unauthorized or unknown program is trying to send an email in the background. The program can detect any email client that uses the SMTP protocol, therefore it will virtually detect any email that is sent, regardless of the email software that is used. It offers rules that allow you to authorize specific email clients and/or recipients, as well as attachment types. EmailSupervisor can warn you and prompt for action whenever an unauthorized email is intercepted, or automatically block and log them based on your rules.

Flow Ruler for Outlook
February 7th, 2006

Flow Ruler allows you to automatically organize your inbox, eliminate spam, administrate contacts and appointments, and assign tasks through simple Rules which are graphically designed.

Flow Ruler for Outlook is an Add In for MS Outlook that expands the possibility of configuring and executing rules in your Inbox and in the other folders as well.

MS Outlook® allows the setting of rules only for the Inbox and it is restricted to received and sent messages. With Flow Ruler for Outlook, you will be able to set rules for:
• Received, sent, and removed messages.
• New, updated, or removed contacts.
• New, updated, or removed appointments or meetings.
• New, updated, or removed tasks or shared tasks.

Most of the rules provided by MS Outlook allow you to copy, move, print, or remove messages.
With Flow Ruler for Outlook you can also:
• Eliminate spam and junk mail, using filters and word lists that are easy to configure.
• Organize the Inbox, allowing the definition of different rules when a new email is received, for example, move the selected email to a specified folder, answer automatically, generate a contact, generate an appointment, zip attachments, etc.
• Save or zip messages and attachments automatically when a new email is received.
• Administrate contacts, eliminating their duplication, allowing the automatic creation of undesired contact lists, etc.
• Automatically generate appointments, as soon as a specific new email is received.

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Gmail Manager
February 7th, 2006

Gmail Manager allows you to manage multiple Gmail accounts and receive new mail notifications. Displays your account details including unread messages, saved drafts, spam messages, labels with new mail, space used, and new mail snippets.

Latest Changes:

  • Fixed issue with opening tabs/window from clicking the icon
  • Fixed mailto links containing blank spaces
  • Fixed default mail client and mailto links

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