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February 4th, 2006

MovaMail is an internet based service that provides you with a fast and convenient mobile phone access to all of your email accounts (POP3, Hotmail, Yahoo!, GMail, etc.). MovaMail was developed using the open standards of Java MIDP so it supports any mobile phone with Java capabilities.

MovaMail comprises of the Java client and proxy servers which are responsible for bridging between the Java application on your mobile phone and your email server on the Internet. The proxy downloads your email, strips off headers, HTML, and attachments. Several emails are then bundled together and compressed. This compressed bundle is then sent to the phone, uncompressed and displayed on your screen. This method is very efficient, often saving 90% of data transfer and making it practical to quickly read a full mailbox worth of email, just like you would do on your desktop PC.

MovaMail uses HTTP over port 80 for data transfer to the proxy servers. It will connect over HTTP to webmail services. It connects using POP3 and IMAP with or without SSL.


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