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SpamScreener Free Edition
February 19th, 2006

SpamScreener is a challenge/response anti-spam system that shields your Inbox from spam and other unsolicited email by requesting a confirmation reply from every unapproved sender. The sender only has to confirm an email once, and can be automatically added to a list of approved senders.

SpamScreener can also use your existing Outlook address book and approve all email that comes from one of your contacts, so that existing contacts do not even have to go through the approval process at all. The program checks the mail in your POP account every X minutes. You can review a list of pending approvals, preview the messages, and also manually approve any sender. If the unknown sender did not respond to the challenge email, the message can be automatically deleted. The program is easy to use requires very little configuration.

SpamScreener Free Edition is limited to protecting a single email account, and does not allow you to customize the challenge message.

If you are looking for a challenge/response email service, checkout Bluebottle

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