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New and Improved Yahoo! Mail Search
September 2nd, 2005

Yahoo! Mail is launching new search features that will make mail management more efficient. The new mail search is already available to some users from August 30th and will gradually roll out to all Yahoo! Mail users over the coming months. Here are some of the key features:

Attachment Search
In addition to quickly searching the entire message and providing snippets and highlighting of the search terms Yahoo! now searches the content of most file attachments, since an email message is often just metadata around an attached document, which might be the heart of the content.

Search Refinements
Yahoo! Mail is making power searching easy with dynamic search refinement options that help you narrow down results. Results get broken down into five categories: Senders, Folders, Attachments, Message Status, and Date. You’ll see links for all of the unique values that exist for each category (e.g., all of the senders of messages in the current results set). With a few simple clicks, you can see the messages that a friend has sent you, that contain photo attachments, and that were sent in the last month.

Photo View and Attachment Views
Many people search mail specifically trying to find photos or attachments. To make this easier, Yahoo! Mail has created two new search “views”. After running a search, you can click on the Photo View to view thumbnails of all of the photos attached to your results set. From the Photo View, you can view the higher-res photo or save photos to your computer. The Attachment View is similar, displaying thumbnails for many common file types.

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