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POP Peeper 2.4.2
September 24th, 2005

Pop Peeper v2.4.2 is now available with the following fixes:

- Fix: SendMail registry data was not encrypted
- Fix: General problem with searching certain header fields
- Fix: high temporary cpu usage if receive new mail AND using rotating icon AND window open
- Fix: Messages (typically spam) with unexpected data were not always displayed in message list
- Fix: Mail Client fields now allow more characters to be entered by user
- Fix: Forced send limit for smtp (some systems would fail on large attachments)
- Fix: SendMail WebMail accounts wouldn’t use BCC until restarted
- SendMail plugin can be used for messages opened from files

POP Peeper is an email notifier that runs in your Windows task bar and alerts you when you have new email on any of your POP3, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo,, MyWay, Excite,, or RediffMail accounts. Send mail using your SMTP server or through your webmail account directly from POP Peeper.


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