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Gmail for Domains Beta
February 11th, 2006

The Official Google Blog reports that Gmail for your domain is currently available as a limited beta.

We’re testing a new service with the school by hostingGmail accounts with SJCC domain addresses (like, plus admin tools for efficient account management. Massive storage and features that tame the most unruly inboxes, like powerful mail search, conversation view for messages, and a fast interface, make Gmail very handy for students.

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QuickMail – Email to RSS
January 31st, 2006

Use quickmail.php to read your email using your browser or RSS aggregator. All you need is an email account on a server that supports IMAP or POP protocols.

Read Email in Your Aggregator
December 23rd, 2005

MailFeed is a service that gives you an email address which can be read by an RSS aggregator. For example, all emails sent to can be read via

All feeds are open to the public, which means it’s very easy to set up new addresses and even share them among a group of people (technically you don’t even have to visit this site to set up a new feed). Of course this also means this is a public communication channel — good for newsletters, status messages and ad-hoc discussion feeds, bad for private email.

The service currently has several limitations such as:

  • This service won’t work for newsletters that require you to reply to a message in order to confirm your subscription. Some mailing list subscriptions can alternatively be confirmed by visiting an URL, those will work fine.
  • They currently don’t serve HTML mail
  • You won’t be able to access attachments such as images

Windows Live Custom Domains service
December 2nd, 2005

Microsoft has launched the beta version of its Windows Live Custom Domains service, which offers e-mail and instant messaging services for existing domains. The free service offers up to 20 e-mail accounts per domain, with each mailbox featuring scanning for junk mail and viruses, as well as 250 megabytes of storage space – adding up to a storage limit of 5 gigabytes of e-mail for each domain.

Yahoo Begins Testing New Web Mail
September 14th, 2005

Yahoo on Tuesday began a limited beta test of a new Web mail system, which includes a redesigned interface that mirrors desktop-based clients like Microsoft Outlook. Drag and drop features are supported through DHTML, and a new search engine brings added support for attachments.

Yahoo announced in June it was planning to launch a new version of Yahoo! Mail that would feature an instant preview pane. Many of the changes in the beta were taken from the company’s acquisition of Oddpost last year. Users who dislike the new version will be given an option to switch back to the traditional interface.


New and Improved Yahoo! Mail Search
September 2nd, 2005

Yahoo! Mail is launching new search features that will make mail management more efficient. The new mail search is already available to some users from August 30th and will gradually roll out to all Yahoo! Mail users over the coming months. Here are some of the key features:

Attachment Search
In addition to quickly searching the entire message and providing snippets and highlighting of the search terms Yahoo! now searches the content of most file attachments, since an email message is often just metadata around an attached document, which might be the heart of the content.

Search Refinements
Yahoo! Mail is making power searching easy with dynamic search refinement options that help you narrow down results. Results get broken down into five categories: Senders, Folders, Attachments, Message Status, and Date. You’ll see links for all of the unique values that exist for each category (e.g., all of the senders of messages in the current results set). With a few simple clicks, you can see the messages that a friend has sent you, that contain photo attachments, and that were sent in the last month.

Photo View and Attachment Views
Many people search mail specifically trying to find photos or attachments. To make this easier, Yahoo! Mail has created two new search “views”. After running a search, you can click on the Photo View to view thumbnails of all of the photos attached to your results set. From the Photo View, you can view the higher-res photo or save photos to your computer. The Attachment View is similar, displaying thumbnails for many common file types.

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GMail now available in four more languages
July 7th, 2005

17 and counting… Now you can use Gmail in Danish, Finnish, Swedish and Polish.

AOL Mail Client 4314.2a Beta
July 1st, 2005

AOL Mail Client is a standalone e-mail application that can be accessed independently of its client software. It is designed to provide its members with more open e-mail access and a customized way to access their AOL e-mail. The main features of this release include:

  • A three-pane flexible UI
  • Improved attachment experience
  • New way to sort and group your mail messages

The new Yahoo! Mail
June 28th, 2005

SiliconBeat announced last night the upcoming start of beta-testing for a major overhaul of Yahoo! Mail. This launch has been anticipated for a long time, ever since Yahoo acquired Oddpost, an email service with a desktop-like UI. A probable reason for this delay is the fact that the new interface will work in both IE and Firefox (Oddpost supported IE only). There is no mention of support for other browsers at this time.

The new Yahoo! Mail will come with a very nice UI (check the above link for a screenshot), integrated RSS, keyboard shortcuts, one-click deletion, the ability to work with messages in new browser windows and an API to the mail backend which will allow interested parties to develop applications on top of the email service.

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