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E-mail Follow-Up for Microsoft Outlook
January 19th, 2008

E-mail Follow-Up is a Microsoft Outlook add-in from MAPILab that allows (and reminds you!) to send follow-up e-mail messages if a reply has not been received within a specified time-frame. E-mail Follow-Up will watch for messages and show an alert when a reply has not been sent. This Outlook add-in also allows you to send a follow up message using a predefined template to remind the recipient that the reply hasn’t been sent. Price: $24, free trial available.

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DetachPipe – A Microsoft Outlook attachment manager
January 3rd, 2008

DetachPipe is a very useful tool for handling attachments in Microsoft Outlook. It’s primary purpose is to reduce the size of your mailbox on the Exchange server or your local pst files by removing attachments from Outlook but leaving a clickable hyperlink to locally saved files, thereby leaving the file still accessible. If you open an account on it can also be used to send large attachments and even track if and how many times the attachment was opened (downloaded).

Here’s the excerpt from the official description:

DetachPipe is a complete email attachment management solution for Microsoft Outlook.

The DetachPipe Add On frees attachments from Outlook’s PST file, massively reducing its size, assisting backups and making Outlook faster and more reliable.

Attachments can be deleted, or detached to disk with a clickable hyperlink left in place (the paperclip icon can be retained to assist searches based on attachments). Files can be reattached later if required.

DetachPipe can detach incoming attachments from the Inbox, and re-attach to Forwarded emails in the Outbox. Sent Items can be deleted. DetachPipe watches your Deleted Items and offers to remove attachments stored on disk when you delete the related email.

For more details visit DetachPipe

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