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September 2nd, 2005

EmailSupervisor monitors all outgoing emails from your computer and prevents resending your personal data to third persons. It also prevents an attempt to use your computer as a platform for spreading malicious code and infecting your colleagues and your family. It works on system level regardless of your email client type and its settings.

August 29th, 2005

Aid4Mail 1.6 update is now available. It adds support for creating 20 GB PST files with Outlook 2003 and fixes several export issues with MS Outlook.

July 25th, 2005

The French version of Aid4Mail is now available. It is called ToutMail and is currently the only software on the market that can correctly convert mail from the French version of Qualcomm Eudora.

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FreePOPs 0.0.31
July 14th, 2005

Some fixes for yahoo, juno and libero. Some improvements in packaging for debian and gentoo.

FreePOPs is an easily extensible program, which allows access to the most varied resources through the POP3 protocol.

G-Lock EasyMail 4.61
July 13th, 2005

G-Lock EasyMail is fast, powerful yet simple to use email software designed primarily for applications in which the sender and recipient have an existing relationship, a retailer’s customer base, a physician’s list of patients, a newsletter publisher’s subscriber list, and an insurance agent’s client roster. The software makes your email list management and distribution easy.

Version 4.61 is a minor bug-fix release.

EZOutlookSync Pro 1.1 Beta 2
July 11th, 2005

EZOutlookSync is a straightforward yet versatile solution to synchronize MS Outlook files and folders between two or more computers.

No matter how many different folders you use to keep your Outlook data or even how many computers these folders are spread over, EZOutlookSync dramatically decreases the time needed to always keep your files updated.

Changes for the second Beta version: Added Synchronization wizard and command line options.

A special offer comes with 1.1 Beta releases:

You’re welcome to download and test the program. It’s still free and no registration is required. Best Beta testers will receive life-time licenses for EZOutlookSync Pro when the program is released.

EZOutlookSync comes from the people who developed EssentialPIM, the free and innovative personal information manager.

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Duplicate Email Remover 2.7.3
July 7th, 2005

Duplicate Email Remover is a tool intended for the search and processing of duplicate mail messages in Microsoft Outlook folders.

Aid4Mail 1.5
July 7th, 2005

Aid4Mail 1.5 update now available. It adds support for date and text filtering and includes minor bug fixes.

Aid4Mail is a user-friendly Windows tool that helps you migrate your email messages to a different mail client, export them for viewing through Internet Explorer, MS Excel, or a database, convert them to extract or re-insert attachments, and archive them to save space or for compliance with legal requirements. It supports most popular mail client programs and processes all messages without losing any information, including those with file attachments and embedded contents like pictures and background images.

FreePOPs 0.0.30
June 30th, 2005

FreePOPs 0.0.30 is now available with a lengthy list of fixes, improvements and some new features. Included fixes for Libero, Mailom, AOL, GMail.

G-Lock Email Processor 1.92
June 30th, 2005

G-Lock Email Processor is designed to process bounced/undeliverable, subscribe/unsubscribe emails, extract data from your incoming messages and save it to a file, or insert into a database.

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