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Live Mail Desktop Makes Beta Debut
March 31st, 2006

Microsoft has begun a limited beta test of its upcoming Windows Live Mail Desktop. The offering is intended to provide users of Windows Live Mail and Hotmail with client-side access to e-mail services. While such a feature was previously only available to paid subscribers, Live Mail Desktop would expand the offering to all users.

The Windows Live Mail Desktop client will be similar to Outlook Express in the way it operates, but it is optimized to integrate Microsoft’s Live platform. The application would also provide functionality for users of Windows Live Contacts, Messenger, Spaces, and other such services.

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Windows Mail – A Rebrand of Outlook Express
March 26th, 2006

When Windows Vista is launched early next year, the bundled mail program will not be called Outlook Express anymore. The new name is simply Windows Mail.

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January 18th, 2006

PopMan is a handy lightweight POP3 manager which you can carry on your USB drive and use to list all e-mails received on your incoming mail POP3 server, without having to load these mails completely. Unwanted e-mails can be deleted directly from the server.

Voice E-Mail Pilot
January 17th, 2006

Voice E-Mail Pilot is a program that will let you create voice e-mails. You also can use the program as voice notes manager. You can sort your voice notes by subject, filter them, and save in different files. Voice E-Mail Pilot can automatically stop recording when you stop talking, which makes your notes free of unnecessary pauses. It saves voice files as .wav files and compresses 5 minutes of talk to 300KB.


Foxmail 6.0 Beta 2
December 30th, 2005

FoxMail 6.0 Beta 2 is now available (click the blue button on the main page to download it).

Hint: By default, this version of FoxMail ships in Chinese. To enable English, just delete the chinese.lgb file or change its name to inactivate it in your foxmail folder, you’ll get a fully functional english vesion. Although, the help file will still be chinese.

Eudora 7
December 23rd, 2005

Eudora 7 is a new version of the popular email software for Windows users. Mac Eudora is available in version 6.2. Version 7 introduces Ultra-Fast Search. Results are now 20-100′s of times faster than before.

Also new, in Eudora 7 is BossWatch, a feature that alerts you to the presence of designated addresses in the To or Cc fields. IMAP users will enjoy greatly increased performance as well as increased off-line capabilities. For enterprise users, Eudora 7 adds S/MIME (Secure Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions) plug-in capability.


Pegasus Mail 4.3
December 20th, 2005

Pegasus v4.3 has been released with an impressive list of new features.

“Well, it’s been a long, long time coming, but Pegasus Mail v4.3 is now finally fully available. I have a suspicion that some people may be a little disappointed by what they see when they install v4.3, because on the surface it doesn’t look hugely different from v4.21, but looks can be deceiving… V4.3 has been through nearly 60 betas and 14 release candidates, far more than any previous release of the program, and I can count well over 1500 changes in the code. V4.3 is largely about modernizing the Pegasus Mail codebase as a platform for future development, and represents the last version 4 release there will be; from here, our efforts are focused on v5, which will have a number of very important new features.”

This is the list of the most obvious changes:

  • Completely new HTML renderer
  • New automatic picture-loading options
  • Anti-phishing protection
  • Character set handling totally overhauled
  • Look and feel changes
  • Multipart/Related message generation
  • IMAP fixes
  • Searching completely overhauled
  • New folder format: Link Folders
  • Simplified setup for shared and memory stick installations

Full list of features

SynchPst for Outlook 2.1.1
December 15th, 2005

SynchPst for Outlook allows you to synchronize data in two Personal Folders (.pst) files quickly and easily.


Becky! 2.23.00
November 23rd, 2005

A new Becky! release is out featuring quite a few bug fixes, mainly IMAP related.

The Bat! 3.62.14
November 10th, 2005

The new version of The Bat! 3.62.14, is an improvement of 3.62 in the field of speed, stability.

Some of the new features include:

[+] Message list tabs
[+] Reply to selected HTML part
[+] Support of copying to HTML clipboard from viewer
[+] Support of jid: and callme: URLs
[+] When using the option to cache certificate passphrase, the “list of certificates” window is no longer invoked for subsequent decryptions. This is very helpful for example when searching inside encrypted messages.
[+] New macros SETEDITOR
[+] New colour selections for selected states in colour groups
[+] POP URL is now stated in the notification about a large message arrived into POP mailbox


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