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Mulberry 4.0.1
June 30th, 2005

Mulberry v4.0.1 releases for Mac/Win32 are now available featuring minor changes and fixes.


FreePOPs 0.0.30
June 30th, 2005

FreePOPs 0.0.30 is now available with a lengthy list of fixes, improvements and some new features. Included fixes for Libero, Mailom, AOL, GMail.

G-Lock Email Processor 1.92
June 30th, 2005

G-Lock Email Processor is designed to process bounced/undeliverable, subscribe/unsubscribe emails, extract data from your incoming messages and save it to a file, or insert into a database.

EFS (Email Forwarding System) 5.57.07
June 29th, 2005

EFS is a FREE POP3 gateway for any SMTP server such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes or SLMail. It pulls mail from a Pop3 mailbox at your ISP and distributes the messages to users on a local SMTP mail server. EFS requires you to have a registered Internet domain name (to accept and forward mail for). EFS makes an excellent replacement for the somewhat limited Microsoft SBS Pop3 Connector.

The new Yahoo! Mail
June 28th, 2005

SiliconBeat announced last night the upcoming start of beta-testing for a major overhaul of Yahoo! Mail. This launch has been anticipated for a long time, ever since Yahoo acquired Oddpost, an email service with a desktop-like UI. A probable reason for this delay is the fact that the new interface will work in both IE and Firefox (Oddpost supported IE only). There is no mention of support for other browsers at this time.

The new Yahoo! Mail will come with a very nice UI (check the above link for a screenshot), integrated RSS, keyboard shortcuts, one-click deletion, the ability to work with messages in new browser windows and an API to the mail backend which will allow interested parties to develop applications on top of the email service.

gnubiff 2.1.4 – Major bugfix release
June 28th, 2005

gnubiff 2.1.4 is now available:

  • Support for mh mailboxes as used by Sylpheed
  • Handling of mh protocols optimized
  • Czech translation (thanks to Josef Vybiral)
  • Compliance with RFC 2047
  • Race conditions in FAM code fixed
  • Various other bugfixes

Aid4Mail 1.21
June 27th, 2005

Aid4Mail 1.21 update is now available. It adds support for Outlook Express newsgroup messages and includes minor bug fixes. Aid4Mail is a Windows tool that helps you migrate your email messages to a different mail client.

Emails for small screens
June 27th, 2005

It’s pretty infuriating to receive a long email on a cellphone or PDA with a small screen. But Motorola has come up with an answer – software that automatically creates a synopsis of the long text.

The new summarising software first discards sentences that are less than 5 words or more than 50. Then it looks for sentences containing words that frequently crop up in the text, or which the owner has added to a preference list.

Finally it sifts sentences which contain telltale words and phrases like “all in all”, “so to sum up” and “for example”. The few remaining sentences that fit all the criteria are pulled from the long message, stitched together and shown on screen.

Via New Scientist

June 24th, 2005

Version 2.1. of PicoBackup is now available.

Acubix PicoBackup Outlook Express Edition is an easy-to-use free backup utility packed with many powerful features to make it extremely simple to backup and restore your Microsoft Outlook Express emails.

ePrompter SR75
June 22nd, 2005

The latest free download (SR75) of ePrompter is available. This version includes a fix for the recent GMAIL problem.

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