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Thunderbird 1.1 Alpha 1
June 3rd, 2005

Thunderbird 1.1 Alpha 1 is now available. New in this release:

  • Phishing Detector –> Examines the contents of an e-mail message and warns you with a status bar along the top of the message if Thunderbird thinks this message is a phishing attack.
  • Spell As You Type for Mail Compose. (Enabled by Default)
  • Support for deleting and stripping attachments from e-mail.
  • Improved RSS Support –> Including podcasting, a new feed subscription UI, OPML import (export will be added in Alpha 2)
  • Re-designed Options Dialog
  • Improved UI under Account Settings for managing multiple SMTP accounts. If you have an account with multiple identities, you can even configure an SMTP server for each identity.
  • An Improved Spell Check Engine
  • Auto Save As Draft for mail composition.
  • Advanced hackers now have direct access to about:config for pref hacking (Tools / Options / Advanced / Config Editor)
  • Mailing lists in the address book now use LDAP during autocomplete if you are using LDAP.
  • Offline Improvements
  • Ability to have global inbox filters
  • Ability to copy local folders to imap servers
  • TLS Support for POP3
  • Support for Network timeouts for IMAP, POP3 and SMTP
  • Search and Filter Improvements (including the ability to create views or search/filter on flagged messages).
  • Many bug fixes and other improvements.


ePrompter SR73
June 1st, 2005

ePrompter SR73 has been released. This version includes an additional fix for a recent GMail problem.

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