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Gmail Chat
February 7th, 2006

The New York Times is reporting that Google will be launching Gmail Chat tomorrow for a limited number of users.

The new program, called Gmail Chat, will let Gmail users exchange text messages with others without having to log onto a separate chat program, making instant messaging simpler and more integrated with the e-mail program.

From anywhere in Gmail, the user can see who is available to chat. The program will also allow users to store instant-message conversations.

Gmail Chat will be able to send and receive instant messages from a small set of competitive programs, including Jabber and EarthLink, but none of the larger ones like AOL, Yahoo or MSN. The more popular instant-messaging problems do not interact, and interoperability remains the holy grail of instant messaging.

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February 4th, 2006

MovaMail is an internet based service that provides you with a fast and convenient mobile phone access to all of your email accounts (POP3, Hotmail, Yahoo!, GMail, etc.). MovaMail was developed using the open standards of Java MIDP so it supports any mobile phone with Java capabilities.

MovaMail comprises of the Java client and proxy servers which are responsible for bridging between the Java application on your mobile phone and your email server on the Internet. The proxy downloads your email, strips off headers, HTML, and attachments. Several emails are then bundled together and compressed. This compressed bundle is then sent to the phone, uncompressed and displayed on your screen. This method is very efficient, often saving 90% of data transfer and making it practical to quickly read a full mailbox worth of email, just like you would do on your desktop PC.

MovaMail uses HTTP over port 80 for data transfer to the proxy servers. It will connect over HTTP to webmail services. It connects using POP3 and IMAP with or without SSL.

flurrymail – Mobile email for everyone
February 4th, 2006

flurrymail enables you to receive all of your personal email on your cell phone. It can handle multiple accounts. flurrymail supports the following carriers: Cingular, Former AT&T, Sprint, Unicel and T-Mobile, but support for new carriers is being added.

EMailTrackerPro 6.1
February 4th, 2006

EMailTrackerPro analyzes the email header and provides the IP Address of the machine that sent the email which can be useful for identifying spammers and locating the source of emails. Many spammers attempt to disguise the sender, EMTPro helps to expose the true origins of the email. A plug-in for MS Outlook adds a button to the Outlook toolbar for one-click email tracking and opens the results in a browser window. For other email programs, the header information may be easily pasted into EMTPro for quick analysis.

GFI MailEssentials
February 4th, 2006

GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP is a server based anti spam & email management solution for Microsoft Exchange Server & Notes/SMTP servers. Spam is caught before it gets to the mail server, no need to deploy client software. Its advanced Spam detection technology is based on: Content checking of body and subject for spam keywords, checking mail headers for typical spam practices, and checking if the sending mail server is on a third part black list such as ORDB. Admins can also set-up their own blacklists, as well as reduce false positives using the automatic whitelist feature. The program also features disclaimers, mail monitoring of particular email addresses, centralized mail archiving to database, mail reporting (e.g., top mail users), POP3 downloading and auto replies with variables/fields. The anti spam DNS blacklists checking (ORDBC etc.), custom blacklist and automatic whitelist modules are freeware and will not time out after evaluation has ended.

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Spam Reader
February 4th, 2006

Spam Reader is a powerful anti-spam filter for Microsoft Outlook combining ease-of-use and a high degree of protection against unsolicited emails. A Bayesian algorithm based on statistical analysis detects up to 98% of spam messages. Spam Reader is easily integrated into Microsoft Outlook and needs no additional adjustments. It starts working immediately after the installation.

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February 4th, 2006

POPcon connects MS Exchange Server to one or more user-specified POP3 mailboxes. It works as an e-mail gateway that retrieves messages from POP3 servers and delivers them to your Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes according to the intended user found in the mails. In addition, POPcon Pro includes a self-updating RAV virus scanner that scans all incoming mails for virus/worm infections and quarantines infected messages. Furthermore, the program allows you to specify incoming mail rules and distribute the collected mail based on custom rules that can be based on email subject, sender, recipient or attachment name. Additional features include remote administration, flexible scheduling and more. The program works with Exchange 5.5 as well as Exchange 2000. The rules and anti-virus features are not available in the evaluation version.

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Mail Enable Standard
February 4th, 2006

Mail Enable Standard (Free Personal Version) is a mail server for Windows NT/2000/XP. It supports SMTP and POP3, an unlimited amount of email addresses, domains, groups and mailing lists. The free version is ideal for users who need the power and stability of a high performance mail server, but require only basic email services such as POP, SMTP, standard spam protection, list server & auto-responders.

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