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June 8th, 2006

Inbox is a powerful multi function tool for managing your POP3 email before it reaches your email client application. It can fetch your email from multiple email accounts, collate mail from several accounts into a single account, perform point and shoot filtering directly on the mail server as well as on collected mail, filter your various email accounts before your normal email program connects, act as a proxy fetching mail only when your normal email program requires it or act as a filter proxy filtering your email accounts before your email client collects mail. There are tools to peek at mail directly on the mail server and in your Outlook message store, auto respond to email while you’re away, redirect mail to one or more addresses, attach many accounts to a single email address, set up a simple mailing list.

June 5th, 2006

NetMail is an email client program with built-in anti-spam and filtering capabilities. It retrieves messages from the server and processes them without actually downloading the mail to your computer. You can preview messages, deleted selected items, apply filters and more. Selected messages can then be downloaded and are stored in the Netmail database. The program can be used as your only email client or as a supplement for message previewing and filtering.

Voice Mail Compressor
June 5th, 2006

Voice Mail Compressor is an easy to use freeware application that lets you record and send voice mail messages, using your default email program (Outlook, Outlook Express etc.). It creates compressed .wav files and can achieve file sizes of about 30kb (using a 30 second message as an example). The receiver does not need to install any software and can listen to the message with Windows Media Player or any other audio player. The interface is straightforward and easy to use with standard playback controls. The audio message can be automatically attached to a new email message or saved to disk. Other features include a customizable subject line and body text, as well a codec selection and recording controls.

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