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Random Tagline Manager
August 5th, 2006

Random Tagline Manager allows you to add random taglines, or signatures to your outgoing emails. It works with any email program that uses Text/Html/RTF type files for signatures.

August 5th, 2006

SpamExperts Home is a free spam filter that works with any email program and automatically filters your mail and intercepts spam whenever you download your email. Even though it does require an initial training phase (you need to tell the software which messages are good and which are spam), it does not rely on keyword lists to detect spam, but automatically learns from the content of the messages that you accept or reject within about 14 days. The email that is identified as spam is either blocked and/or marked in the subject line. SpamExperts Home can also check your email periodically and filter spam in the background, and maintain a list of blocked and allowed senders. Documentation is limited and mostly provide via mouseover hints.

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Magic Mail Monitor
August 5th, 2006

Magic Mail Monitor is an opensource POP3 e-mail checker that allows you to check unlimited mail boxes for new mail and be notified as soon as it arrives. It offers an Explorer style interface, message header preview, custom notifications (per account) as well as the option to reply to emails without having to start your email program. You can also use Magic Mail Monitor to quickly send a new mail without having to launch your full email program. Messages can also be deleted right on the server, which is a good method to get rid of any spam before even downloading it to your local computer. Additional features include sound, pop-up and tray notification, the option to save messages to text files and more. A very small and capable email checker!

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