Email Servers for Home Users

This page lists some of the best email servers from the perspective of home and small business users. Servers listed here are robust and reliable and will satisfy the needs of a relatively low volume family or home office oriented email hosting setup, although some of the applications listed here can be (and are) used in an enterprise environment.

There are two general categories of mail servers, those used for sending/routing messages (SMTP servers) and those used for delivering messages to end users (POP and IMAP servers). Most of the products listed below provide both functionalities.


Hamster is a free news (NNTP) and mail server for personal, family and workgroup use. Hamster is most often associated with Usenet news, but has excellent implementations of SMTP, POP3 and IMAP. Hamster can connect to multiple mail servers and distribute the incoming mail to user accounts or to local newsgroups. Hamster can pull information from multiple news servers and keep the articles in one list, which is an advantage for readers that cannot handle multiple servers. If you read several newsgroups on different servers you could consolidate them into one list and read them without switching servers. [Price: Free]

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