Email Services

Apart from the very popular and fairly good Yahoo! Mail and GMail services, there are a few excellent email providers for the most demanding emailers. These services are created by people passionate about email and dedicated to providing you the best email experience ever. They are not free, although some do have free entry plans or trials, but if you are looking for email flexibility and stability with powerful features they are definitely worth the price.

FastMail.FM is, without a doubt, the best email service around. Apart from being fast, it is extremely powerful and flexible with lots of geeky elements. Among it's countless features, you can host your own domain, consolidate external accounts, perform state of the art filtering with Sieve, have the best spam protection available with SpamAssassin, use personalities, be notified of new messages with a powerful email notifier, Fastcheck, use subdomain addressing, SMS, WAP, file storage, and also enjoy first class support. FastMail really has it all.

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