Email Tools

Security, administration, maintenance tools... There is an abundance of applications to help you make your emailing experience safer, nicer and faster. Listed here are just some of the most useful ones.

CliMail (Command Line Interface eMail): Climail is a set of command line utilities designed to send and receive e-mail. CliSendmail sends e-mail (plain text or HTML with embedded pictures), including attachments using to, bcc, and cc recipients via the SMTP and SMTPS protocols. CliGetmail reads e-mail from POP3, POP3S, IMAP, or IMAPS mailboxes and has the ability to list, display, or delete messages from specified mailboxes. CliMail works best in a scripting environment for sending e-mail or monitoring POP3, POP3s, IMAP, and IMAPS mailboxes. It also features useful debugging output that can be used to troubleshoot e-mail problems without firing up a clumsy telnet session and trying to remember all of those pesky mail commands. [Price: $29.95]

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