Spam Blockers

Spam blockers have become an essential part of our email processing. Anti spam tools can be installed on the email server or on your desktop, acting as a proxy between your client and the mail server. There are two categories of spam blockers based on the blocking technique they use:
  • Bayesian spam filters use statistical methods for classifying spam. These filters "learn" through your actions in order to achieve optimal filtering results.
  • Challenge-Response spam blockers quarantine all messages from entities (users, domains, etc) which are not found on your whitelist. Messages are kept quarantined until you either accept or reject the sending entity.
Both methods have their good and bad sides. A rule of thumb is that if you receive messages from a fairly static list of users (friends, family) you should use a challenge-response blocker, and if you receive messages from many unknown people you should use rule based blockers. Blocking spam is very important because there could be potentially harmful viruses and malware contained in an email that can steal your information, and possibly your identity.

The tools on this page represent the best desktop spam blockers available today for Windows, Linux and Max OS X.

Cross Platform

SpamBayes is a cross-platform open source Bayesian filter, initially based on the work of Paul Graham, the author of "The Plan for Spam". This project is composed of several applications: an Outlook plugin (Windows only), a POP3 proxy, an IMAPFilter and Hammiefilter, suitable for embedding in a procmail environment.

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